Voyage de Lune is hyper aware of the impact we create on Mother Earth. Sustainability and caring for Mother Earth are among VDL’s top priorities.


♻️ Compostable mailers or recycled/repurposed shipping materials are exclusively used. Tape is repurposed. Shipping is designed to reduce space (while still keeping our products safe and happy), which reduces carbon footprint. Reusing, repurposing, and recycling the shipping materials is encouraged.

♻️ All handwritten notes are made from salvaged letterhead and leftover recycled paper from printing shipping labels, tissue paper was salvaged, stickers are eco-conscious, and logo stamp was hand-carved by me (flex).


♻️ All garments are meticulously mended by a pro, whether it be stains, holes, etc. Some garments are selected for the purpose of mending. Garments deserve their best selves and continuation of their life stories.

♻️ I use cruelty-free and natural/biodegradable laundry detergent and cleaners. YES I CLEAN EVERYTHING. Most cleaning is done by hand and air dried.



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why is sustainability so important?

The fashion industry alone is responsible for

Fast fashion may offer clothing at cheap prices, but this comes at a heavy toll. Item quality and longevity only scratch the surface.